NWTG provides a systematic and automated approach to storing, managing and searching critical and noncritical data. This technologic solution to enables business to provide a level of structure for growing volumes of unstructured data and to define data retention policies for various applications and users. Tiered data archiving ensures proper storage of data and company compliance. Data Retention & Governance. Preserve your critical information for long term retention and recovery.

Lower Costs:
  • Improve TCO by reducing resources to manage backups/restore lost data
  • Move static content off tier 1 storage
  • Reduce data footprint and cost applying multiple storage tier
Increase Efficiency:
  • Automate policies to migrate data to appropriate storage tiers
  • Assess efficiency of current infrastructure and data stores
Improve SLAs:
  • Maintain easy, online access to long term data archives
  • File & Email Archive, Unified Clinical Archive, Data Backup & Replication
  • Data audits and inventory of files every 90 days
  • Digital finger printing of files
Reduce Risk:
  • Create archives for long-term retention and recovery
  • Ensure compliance to data retention and compliance policies