Information is a vital corporate asset and you cannot afford to disrupt your business when expanding your storage environment. When preparing to migrate data and applications, you need it to happen as efficiently as possible, with minimal downtime and with as little business disruption as possible, especially when considering moving large amounts of data or important applications. Data migration can be a hazardous and time-consuming task, and mistakes can result in data loss. NWTG can help you ensure that your data is safely migrated and available on your new storage systems with minimal business impact.

NWTG follows industries best-practice in a non-intrusive methodology for data migration. This methodology utilizes standard tools and processes to optimize migration and ensure a smooth transition to your new storage environment. NWTG Engineers will select the appropriate migration strategy to address your specific requirements, environment and offline time criteria. NWTG performs data migration either across the IP network or directly between arrays that are dependent on infrastructure selected.

Experienced NWTG Storage Consultants use their skills and expertise to help ensure an effective, timely and efficient data migration. Our planning process amongst others includes an evaluation of infrastructure vulnerabilities, the assessment of disruption, resource needs, application requirements and operational risks prior to data migration. NWTG can help provide an efficient data migration plan that can prepare your business to better manage unforeseen interruptions.

NWTG offers end-to-end solutions with a single point of contact for hardware, software, services and on-going support. In a time when many providers aspire to do everything, we focus on IT infrastructure services excellence. NWTG Consultants will work with you to gain an understanding of your business objectives and IT strategy, then design plans that are flexible enough to adapt to current environments and structured to scale to future requirements.