Today IT departments struggle with complexity, cost and inflexibility that interrupts productivity. Other challenges from convoluted storage systems include multiple points of management, limited data mobility, poor IT agility, and inability to innovate. NWTG offers a hyperconvergence platform that provide a combination of a single shared resource pool of disparate compute, network and storage resources. This solution creates virtual SAN appliances (VSA) and packages them inside the server running a hypervisor. Architecture includes:

  • Integration of compute, networking, storage, server virtualization, primary storage data deduplication, compression, WAN optimization and data protection
  • Full pooling and sharing of all resources; true data center building block for scalability
  • Performance (auto-tiering, caching and capacity optimizations built-in
  • Scale-out to web scale, locally and globally; manageable from one of more locations
  • Automation delivers advanced deployment and management
  • VM centricity; full visibility and manageability at VM level with no LUNS or volumes or other low level storage constructs
  • Policy-based data protection and resource allocation at VM level
  • Built-in cloud gateway, allowing the cloud to become a genuine, integrated tier for storage or compute