NWTG  provides solutions that are designed to store, backup and protect critical data. Based on business requirements and specific needs, our team of experts strategically architect an optimized solution that is most cost-effective. As enterprise data grows exponentially, the solutions that consist of leading edge technology will provide the most out of company IT investments. Our solutions help medium to large enterprises tackle today’s IT challenges by standardizing IT infrastructures, simplifying operations and automating processes.

NWTG helps businesses design and deploy a data management solution with simplified implementation resources that include:

  • Internet SCSI Solution Deployment Data Center and Storage moves
  • Virtualization host deployment and configuration
  • Replication Software Implementation and Backup Solution Deployment
  • Data Migration Services
  • And much more


We are premier partners with some of the most successful market leaders in the industry, allowing us to provide you with the latest and the best Storage Solutions (SANs, Servers, etc.) for your modern data center.  Newport West Technology Group recognizes that businesses require a reliable IT infrastructure that can keep with today’s era of explosive data growth.


Today IT departments struggle with complexity, cost and inflexibility that interrupts productivity. Other challenges from convoluted storage systems include multiple points of management, limited data mobility, poor IT agility, and inability to innovate. NWTG offers a hyperconvergence platform that provide a combination of a single shared resource pool of disparate compute, network and storage resources.

Data Protection / Disaster Recovery

Newport West Technology Group recognizes that data is a business’s number one asset next to people. System failures, disasters and power outages leave many companies unprepared when it comes to managing and protecting critical data. Legacy backup often run on highly complex protection requirements with multiple data retention requirements.

Server & Desktop Virtualization

Adapting to the ever changing technology today, we can help improve or design an IT environment for virtualization. Partnered with market leading companies specializing in server and desktop virtualization, our solutions will provide additional memory, I/O capacity and factory-integrated hypervisors that deliver the high performance a business needs

Tiered Data Archiving

NWTG provides a systematic and automated approach to storing, managing and searching critical and noncritical data. This technologic solution to enables business to provide a level of structure for growing volumes of unstructured data and to define data retention policies for various applications and users.

Wireless & Networking

NWTG Wireless solutions help companies save money on unused switch ports, teleconference equipment and recurring maintenance on old telecom gear. Communication and business applications can be delivered reliably anytime and anyplace. The solution securely supports BYOD and wireless initiatives through automation and centralized policy management.